Sanad Kumar Biswas, a visual artist from Dhaka, Bangladesh, holds a Master of Fine Arts (M.F.A) and a Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A) from the University of Dhaka. With a keen interest in sculpture, installation, animation, and live art, Biswas explores socio-political transformations on a global scale through his work. His artistic journey includes participation in various exhibitions such as ‘Zero Calori’, ‘Topography of Mirror Cities’, and ‘Error’, showcasing his diverse talents. He has also been involved in performance art, notably at the DHAKA ART SUMMIT. Biswas’s skills extend beyond traditional sculpting techniques to mixed media and multimedia, including 3D software, video editing, and special effects. His public art installations, such as ‘NATIVE MITH’ and ‘LIVING SCRAPS’, engage with environmental and societal issues, reflecting his commitment to addressing pressing concerns through art.

Throughout his career, Biswas has received recognition for his contributions, including the Media Best Award in sculpture and the ‘Sohid Nona Miya Memorial academic Award’. His work has been featured in publications and press outlets, further solidifying his presence in the art community. With residencies and fellowships in Japan and involvement in workshops both locally and internationally, Biswas continues to expand his artistic horizons while remaining rooted in his passion for exploring complex socio-political themes.

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